Aquadome will remain closed for remainder of the year

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The Aqua Dome has announced that it will remain closed for the remainder of the year, and that it’s possible that this will continue to be the situation until Easter 2021.

In a statement issued this morning the directors of the Aqua Dome say they considered the recommended regulations to keep staff and customers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic and decided that it is not advisable to re-open the attraction in Tralee at this time.

The Chairman of the Aqua Dome, Denis Reen, said they much regret that they are forced to make this decision as we are very much aware of the negative impact of this on our valued staff and customers.

He said that opening the facility with reduced numbers and the necessary social distancing would result in heavy losses.

In addition, Mr Reen said that with the prevailing litigation culture, even one case in such circumstances would be enough to close the Aqua Dome permanently.

He made an urgent plea to the new Government to do something about the Book of Quantum which he said is dictating the level of awards which are five times higher than the European average and leading to the out of control litigation culture we have in this country.

Up to 40 people are employed at the Aqua Dome during the peak summer season while there were 126,000 visits by customers to the attraction in 2019.