Application to develop Castleisland guarry is denied

John A Wood have their lost their bid to develop a 26 hectare limestone quarry in Castleisland. The company had their application with An Bord Pleanala but lost their appeal. This application had also been refused by Kerry County Council and on that occasion had 54 objectors. John ood already has a quarry in ballyegan in castleisland along with one in Killarney and Killorglin.The proposed new site at Scartaglen was needed by the group to keep supplies up once the Ballyegan site ran low. 54 residents had lodged objections against the development, including businesses and locals when the application had been with Kerry County Council. Two reasons were given by An Bord Pleanala, the first was that the development was too close to existing dwellings. In conjunction with this it was also thought that a quarry would seriously injure the amenities of properties in the vicinity by reason of noise and general disturbance.The board found this would therefore be contrary to the proper planning and development of the area.The submission of an environmental impact statement was found to be inadequate and failed to comply with the provisions of the of the planning and regulations act of 2001.The board was not satisfied the proposed development would not have significant adverse effects on the environment. On these grounds the application by John A Woods was denied.