Appeals to revised casual trading byelaws for Kenmare withdrawn

Kenmare - Google Maps

Appeals to revised casual trading byelaws for Kenmare have been withdrawn.

Casual trading in the town has been the subject of a long-running dispute between business people, traders, and Kerry County Council.


Trading in Kenmare has been unregulated and this has led to an ongoing dispute between traders and some business people.

Kerry County Council byelaws approved in July of last year were appealed by Kenmare Chamber of Commerce and Premier Munster Markets Company Limited, which includes up to 40 traders.

However, all appeals were withdrawn in the past 24 hours.

Spokesperson for the Kenmare Chamber, Bertie McSwiney, says it’s been a long campaign.



Kerry County Council will now look to rubberstamp the revised laws, which will place traders in an area across from the Square, as well as a new parking layout in the square itself.

Kenmare Chamber of Commerce hopes works will commence in the in coming months, ahead of the tourist season.