An Bord Pleanala grants permission for 15 wind turbines.

An Bord Pleanala has granted permission for 15 wind turbines and a meteorological mast in Tralee. The decision means that residents in the Maghanockane area will now be surrounded by 50 wind turbines. Two wind farms already exist in the region. The application was made by TRA Investments in Tralee. Tursillaugh Wind Farm lodged an objection on the grounds that the proposed turbines would be situated too close to their own.The Tursillogh Wind Farm felt this development may impact on the potential of the existing wind turbines to generate income. Individual objections lodged by members of the area sited the devaluation of the property that would occur and the interference of the wind turbines with any plans to build homes for their children on their lands. The visual impact of the wind farm, often the most contentious issue associated with their construction is recorded in the report.There are already 2 wind farms in the area and it was felt that the addition of another farm would further hinder the visual amenities of the region. Following an inspection by An Bord Pleanala it was felt there would be no devaluation of property, nor would the development injure the visual amenities or landscape character of the area. A decision was taken to grant the development subject to 16 conditions.