Almost a thousand weddings held in Kerry last year

Almost a thousand weddings were held in Kerry last year.

That’s according to the latest data on marriages from the Central Statistics Office.

956 marriages of opposite-sex couples were celebrated in Kerry during 2019.

560 of these weddings were Catholic ceremonies, ten were Church of Ireland, 91 were performed by the Spiritualist Union of Ireland, and 22 were other religious denominations.

There were also 177 civil opposite-sex marriages in Kerry last year, 96 ceremonies by the Humanist Association, while there were no Presbyterian marriages in the county.

The average of grooms in opposite-sex marriages was almost 38 (37.6), more than half of the 466 grooms from Kerry last year were aged in their 30s.

The average age of brides was 35 (35.2), again more than half were aged in their 30s.

Of the 459 Kerry brides last year, in 90% of cases the groom also resided in Kerry.

Last year in the county there were 19 same sex marriages, nine female and ten male.

Eight of these were civil marriages, five were performed by the Humanist Association, five by the Spiritualist Union of Ireland, and one was an unnamed religious denomination ceremony.

Six male and two female same-sex marriage couples registered Kerry as their future area of residence.