Almost half of Listowel MD social housing applicants want one-bed accommodation

Almost half of the approved applicants on the social housing waiting list in the Listowel Municipal District are seeking a one-bed property.
753 people are currently on the social housing list who have selected the Listowel MD as an area of choice; around 250 are seeking a transfer.
91 people have applied for housing in the Listowel MD since the start of the year with 84 of those now approved.
370 applicants are seeking one-bedroom accommodation, 193 want two-bed, 143 are looking for three-bed, 46 want four-bed and one is seeking a five-bed dwelling.
There are 32 vacant houses within the MD; six of those are allocated and awaiting occupation.
1,195 tenants in the Listowel MD are availing of social housing.
There are currently 909 tenancies in local authority properties; there were 18 new tenancies since the beginning of the year.
Elsewhere, there are 128 Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) tenancies, 115 Rental Accommodation Scheme (RAS) tenancies and 43 leasing tenants.