AGSI Conference hears resources is main concern for Kerry Gardaí

Mid-Ranking Gardaí say they fear they’ll be blamed for the recent scandals to hit the force, without the evidence to support the claim.

The AGSI is holding its annual conference in Killarney, where they’ll hear from the Garda Commissioner for the first time since it emerged that almost one million breath tests were faked and thousands of people were wrongfully convicted.

AGSI leadership said they didn’t know how that could happen, and said they’d await the outcome of the various investigations.

Noirín O’Sullivan is due to address the conference today at 4:15 at the Brehon Hotel.

Meanwhile, a Kerry AGSI representative says their main concern in the county is resources.

Sergeant Dermot O’Connell says due to a higher age profile in the force in Kerry there has been a significant number of retirements in the past decade.

This has led to a skills deficit.

Sergeant O’Connell says only recently in weeks were new Gardaí allocated to Killarney: