Agriculture Minister says Government’s Climate Action Plan doesn’t target beef sector

The Agriculture Minister says there is nothing in the Government’s Climate Action Plan that targets the beef sector in particular.

Minister Michael Creed has told Agritime that there won’t need to be a reduction in cattle numbers if their plan is implemented in full.

Minister Michael Creed wants farmers to organise into producer group to improve their price negotiation power with factories.

The comments come as farmers from Kerry and around the country have been picketing factory gates with the Beef Plan Movement demanding a fairer price for their produce.

Michael Creed is urging eligible farmers in Kerry to apply for the €100 million Beef Exceptional Aid Measure (BEAM) later this month; the scheme aims to compensate beef farmers for poor prices due to market volatility in the past year.

Minister Creed says several measures have been put in place to support farmer’s income as he can’t do price support.

The Climate Change Advisory Council has recommended reducing the national beef herd to 1984 levels.

However, Minister Creed told Agritime that the Government will be working from its own Climate Action Plan: