A&E levels of presentation at TGH to be monitored.

Levels of presentation at A&E in Tralee General Hospital are to be monitored over the next month after 15 patients waited for admission on trolleys a fortnight ago. A number of elective procedures were cancelled as a result of the backlog. Extra staff have been taken on in A&E to avoid a repeat of the overcrowding. A fortnight ago 15 patients had to wait on trolleys in A&E for admission to Tralee General Hospital.Nursing staff complained the new system of admissions contributed to the backlog. With only four bays in A&E they claimed the situation was chaotic and unacceptable. At the time hospital management claimed there was an unseasonal increase in presentation rates which contributed to the situation and not the new admissions procedure. Radio Kerry news understands that since then the situation is being monitored by both staff and management. This will continue for another two weeks and talks are set to take place at the end of that review. Extra staff have been committed to A&E on a without prejudice basis until the talks take place. Nursing staff claim the new system of admissions is not a problem once it`s resourced properly.