Act of kindness 70 years ago in Cloghane remembered

Brandon Pilgrim Path An act of kindness over 70 years ago during World War II will be remembered this weekend in Cloghane, West Kerry. Joseph Mort, nephew of William Mort is arriving in Cloghane today to say thank you to Sheila Mulcahy who s father found a post card from his Uncle scattered on Mount Brandon following a plane crash in 1943. William Mort was a prisoner of war in Java during World War II. On July 28th, 1943, a plane carrying over 30,000 letters from prisoners of war to the UK crashed on Mount Brandon, Sheila’s father, John Courtney found William Mort’s post card, pieced it together and sent it on to Mr. Mort’s family. Joseph Mort says that act of kindness alleviated some of the pain his family felt during that time. He says today he has come to Cloghane to thank Sheila for her father’s consideration. [audio_player src=””]