Over 90 allegations of misconduct made against gardaí in Kerry in 2018

Over 90 allegations of misconduct were made against gardaí in Kerry in 2018.

The Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission, or GSOC, deals with and investigates complaints concerning the conduct and actions of gardaí countrywide.

GSOC’s most recent data shows the number of complaints and allegations made against gardaí in Kerry up to the end of 2018.

51 complaints – comprising 92 allegations – were made against Kerry-based gardaí that year; some complaints contain more than one allegation.

Gardaí in the Tralee Division were the subject of 26 complaints, which contained 48 allegations of garda misconduct; the Killarney Division was next with 19 complaints containing 27 allegations, while Listowel had fewest, with seven complaints and 17 allegations of misconduct.

Of the 92 allegations countywide, 19 were deemed inadmissible, while the majority were withdrawn, didn’t require further investigation or found no breach of regulations.

However, as of December 2018, ten investigations into allegations of misconduct by gardaí in the Kerry Garda Division remained open.

Of the 92 allegations

Inadmissible: 19

Remain open: 10

Non-cooperation by complainant: 8

No breach: 20

Further investigation not needed: 31

Allegations withdrawn: 3

Garda regulations no longer apply: 1