800 people on Southern Health Board waiting list.

Over 800 people were on hospital waiting lists in January of this year in the Southern Health Board region. Of this figure, 106 patients were treated by the national purchase fund. However with the closure of a 30 bed unit at Tralee General from July to September, waiting lists figures may increase at the facility.In comparison to other regional health boards the Southern Health Board is not high on the waiting list table. The Midlands Health Board is the only region with less people on waiting lists. Tralee General is due to close a 30 bed unit from July to September of this year which may see an increase in waiting list figures, particularly patients awaiting elective procedures.Nationally there was over 27,000 people on hospital waiting lists at the end of December. However when the National Treatment Purchase fFund included their figures some 4,500 people were taken off the list. In Kerry and Cork over 100 people received treatment under the fund. The vast majority of hospitals and consultants around the country co operate with the National Treatment Purchase Fund.