Over 800 applications for Local Improvement Scheme funding in Kerry

There are currently over 800 applications for Local Improvement Scheme funding in Kerry.

It allows councils to carry out improvement works on private and non-publicly funded roads leading to multiple homes, farms, and amenities such as lakes, rivers or beaches.

The scheme was suspended nationally in 2011 but reopened in 2017. Kerry County Council invited applications for a period last year, but that’s now closed.

Kerry County Council says it’s currently working to complete all LIS applications on the last list they compiled in 2007, before moving onto providing funding for new applications.

Even though the scheme was suspended for several years, Kerry County Council continued to take in applications on the basis that they would be assessed when the scheme reopened.

The council now says these over 100 applications, along with new ones that have been made since the council invited new applications last year, will be assessed together.

Director of Services, Charlie O’Sullivan says it will be a number of months before all 800 are individually assessed.

They will conduct an initial desktop validation, assessment, and ranking of applications, then the top-ranking ones will then be assessed on the ground, and the highest placed applications will be proposed for available funding.

Cllrs Toireasa Ferris and Johnny Healy-Rae called for the older applications to be prioritised with the length of time people are waiting taken into consideration, however Cllr Mike Kennelly is opposed to this, calling for all applications for the new funding to be on a level footing.