80% of Kerry County Councillors think they should receive a pension

A poll carried out by Radio Kerry shows that over 80% of County Councillors in Kerry think that they should be in receipt of a pension at the expense of the tax payer. The poll, which surveyed 21 of the twenty seven Councillors is in line with what Lama, the Association that represents the Councillors is lobbying for.All of the Fianna Fail and Fine Gael Councillors surveyed, bar one from each party, say they believe the job of a Councillor is a full time one. The Labour representative Terry O Brien is not in favour, while Sinn Feins Robert Beasley and Toireasa Ferris agreed that in principle pensions, with criteria attached should be introduced. Independents are split, some who believe the work they carry out on behalf of their constituents merits a financial contribution, others feel it would be an unfair burden on the tax payer. Meanwhile, eight County Councillors and elected members of Killarney Town Council are in Germany this week for a meeting of the Confederation of European Councillors. The Confederation includes certain members of Local Authorities and Cllr Michael Cahill is the representative from Kerry County Council. He says the meeting will feature discussions surrounding the role and potential of east-west relations. The other County Councillors who have travelled to Berlin are Michael Healy Rae, Pat McCarthy, Johnny Porridge O’Connor, Paul O’Donoghue, Michael Connor Scarteen, Seamus Cosai Fitzgerald and Breandan MacGearailt. Three Killarney Town Councillors are also in Germany.