74 women from Kerry travelled for abortions during 2012

74 women who gave County Kerry as their address travelled to England or Wales for abortions during 2012. PlaneThe figures from the UK’s Department of Health show a total of 3,982 woman travelled from Ireland last year; in 899 cases it wasn’t stated what county the women came from. Leitrim had the fewest number of women travelling for abortions at 21; while Dublin had the highest at 1,275; Kerry ranked midway on the table of counties. Of the 74 that listed Kerry as their county of residence, 56 were single; and 13 had previous abortions. Five women were under the age of 20; 21 were aged 20 to 24; 16 were between the ages of 25 and 29; 19 women were aged 30 to 34; while 13 were 35 and over.