70% rise in traffic through Farranfore.

New figures show passenger traffic through Kerry airport jumped by over 70 per cent last year. Most of the increase is due to Ryan Air`s decision to transfer the Frankfurt service to Farranfore. Airport management say more space is urgently needed to accommodate the extra numbers. Kerry Airport’s annual report shows revenue is up 22 per cent to 5.5 million euro, but profit after tax is only marginally higher.Chairman Denis Cregan is warning that the size of the arrival and departure hall is of major concern. His comments come as passenger numbers grow to almost 300,000 – three years ago, they were just half that. The airport wants funding from the department of transport and any extension will have to wait for that. The airport development fee introduced four years ago brought in 835,000 euro last year. On a negative note, the charter service to Zurich has finished after less than two years in operation.