49 patients recalled for repeat scans as part of UHK review

70% of a review of over 46,000 scans at University Hospital Kerry has now been completed.

The weekly update has been provided by the South/South West Hospital Group.

Ten consultant radiologists are currently undertaking one of the biggest look back reviews in the country on scans reported on by one former radiologist at the hospital between March 2016 and last July.

In December, it emerged seven patients had serious delayed diagnosis.

The number of images reviewed is 32,110 from a total of 46,235.

The number of patients whose imaging has been reviewed is 19,459, accounting for 73% of individual patients.

The number of patients who have been recalled for repeat imaging to date is 49 with two requiring further investigation.

It is expected that the review of all images will be complete by the end of this month.