40 jobs to go at Tralee factory.

Up to 40 jobs at Goblin in Tralee are to go in the New Year. However workers at the vacuum manufacturing plant will have to wait until after Christmas to find out which sector will be hit. The company is blaming the job losses on a downturn in demand and pressure from producers in Eastern Europe and China. Based in clash industrial estate in Tralee vacuum manufacturing company goblin has been experiencing financial difficulty for a number of years.Back in august of last year the workforce was put on a 3 day week due to a downturn in sales. Staff were also told to take an extra 2 weeks unpaid leave. By November of 2002 a full 5 day week was reintroduced however in June of this year the workforce of 120 was again put on a 3 day week and told that it was a temporary measure. At the time a spokesperson said there was no question of redundancies and that Goblin had been a steady employer in Tralee for the past 20 years.Meanwhile a new product line had just been introduced and a new marketing strategy adopted. Today’s news of job losses will hit the workforce hard especially as we enter the festive season. Negotiations are to be held between management and unions when the factory goes back to production on the 5th of January so staff will have to wait until after Christmas before knowing their fate.