Candidates intending to run in Castleisland, Dingle, Kenmare and Listowel Electoral Areas

Over 40 candidates have been selected or declared their intention to run in the local election in Kerry so far.

Candidates will be vying for 33 seats on Kerry County Council. Kerry’s electoral areas have undergone significant changes ahead of the local elections in May.

Kerry is divided up in to 6 electoral areas; Kenmare with 6 seats, Dingle with 3, Tralee with 7, Castleisland with 4, Killarney with 7, and Listowel with 6.

Not all parties have held conventions in the county with a number slated for early in the year.

In Kenmare, Sinn Féin have selected Cllr Damian Quigg, Fianna Fáil have selected councillors Norma Moriarty, Michael Cahill and John Francis Flynn, Labour have selected party chairman Luke Crowley Holland while independent councillors Johnny Healy-Rae and Dan McCarthy will run.  Fine Gael have yet to hold their Kenmare convention.

In Listowel, Sinn Féin have selected councillors Robert Beasley and Tom Barry, Fianna Fáil have selected councillors Jimmy Moloney and John Lucid, Fine Gael will have councillors Mike Kennelly and Aoife Thornton contesting while People Before Profit have selected
Brian Finucane.

In Dingle, Cllr Mike O’Shea and Brendán Fitzgerald will be on the ticket for Fianna Fáil, Sinn Féin have selected Robert Brosnan and Fine Gael have Cllr Seamus Cosi Fitzgerald and Tommy Griffin.

In Castleisland, Fianna Fáil have selected Cllr Tom McEllistrim and Fionnán Fitzgerald, Fine Gael will have councillors Bobby O Connell and Pat McCarthy, Sinn Féin have selected Kate McSweeney while independents Jackie Healy-Rae Jnr and Charlie Farrelly will run. Former TD Tom Fleming is considering entering the race in Castleisland.

The local and European elections take place on Friday 24th May.