35 holiday homes threatened by fire.

Hundreds of acres of gorse have been destroyed in a huge fire overnight that threatened a number of holiday homes. The fire service spent 13 hours trying to extinguish the blaze and finally brought it under control at 6 am this morning. Up to 35 holiday homes were threatened by the blaze. However they did not have to be evacuated as it was kept under control.According to the fire service it`s the 65th fire in the Killorglin area since the start of the year. At least half of these are thought to be malicious. Officials from Kerry County Council also attended the scene as the fire undermined the mountainside and there was a danger of a rock slide. Most of the area has been secured, although the road from rossbeigh to mountain stage is still closed for safety reasons. It`s unlikely it will be reopened for at least 24 hours.