34 valid complaints made against Kerry County Council

The Ombudsman dealt with a total of 34 valid complaints concerning dealings with Kerry County Council last year. The Annual Report of the Ombudsman’s Office for 2004 shows the majority of complaints about local authorities involved housing issues. Emily O’Reilly also dealt with 43 valid complaints about the Southern Health Board last year. 26 new complaints about Kerry County Council were forwarded to the Ombudsman’s Office in 2004 in addition to six outstanding valid complaints left over from the previous year.The most common form of complaints involving local authorities were in relation to housing matters ranging from allocations and transfers to loans and grants to repairs, sales and rents. Planning enforcement and administration, unsurprisingly came second highest on the list. In the area of healthcare, Emily O’Reilly’s office received 38 new complaints regarding the Southern Health Board in addition to five outstanding from last year. Nationally, the majority of complaints pertaining to the former health boards involved hospital services.