28% of Kerry drivers put off the road for drink driving re-offend

28% of Kerry drivers put off the road for drink driving re-offend. Cars parked on Denny Street car park Kerry is only second to Leitrim when it comes to this, 29% re-offend there. 24% re-offend in Dublin and Donegal, nationally 21% of those disqualified from driving due to being over the legal limit re-offend. Some 15,606 people have been disqualified from driving on at least two occasions due to being over the limit, with 72,431 drivers banner since the legislation was introduced in 1962. This is according to new figures released by the Department of Transport to The Farmer’s Journal. Although the figures date from 1962, when the legislation was introduced, it’s only since 2006 that random breath tests and stricter conviction laws were introduced. According to figures released by the Courts Services this year, there has been a 60% fall in drink driving orders from 27,836 in 2006 to 11,329 in 2013. Under the penalties introduced by the 2006 Road Traffic Act, all convictions from drink driving carried a mandatory disqualification from driving. A New drink driving law introduced in November allow blood samples to be taken from incapacitated or unconscious drivers without their consent.