27 Kerry calls for ambulances this year resulted in waiting times of over one hour

27 calls to emergency services in Kerry over a three-month period resulted in waits of one hour or longer for an ambulance.

The information, which was released by the National Ambulance Service, relates to the length of waiting times for an ambulance during the first three months of this year.

During the period January to March, 27 emergency calls for an ambulance in Kerry resulted in response times in excess of one hour.

The National Ambulance Service provided a reason for lengthy response times for all waits over one hour.

The most common reason was an ambulance’s distance to the location; this was noted 12 times.

Other reasons given were delays in turnaround times at a hospital and ambulances closer to the location were already in use.

The National Ambulance Service also noted that one call was delayed due to COVID-19 concerns; staff had to get suitable PPE equipment prior to departure.

The longest wait for an ambulance in Kerry between January and March this year was one hour and 40 minutes.

The information was released to Newstalk through a Freedom of Information Act request.