194 complaints received by Fisheries Board in 2003.

The South West Regional Fisheries Board received 194 complaints last year, of environmental damage, or the threat of it, to rivers, lakes and coastal waterways in the Cork and Kerry areas. That’s according to the annual report of the fisheries board, for the year 2003. The board which is responsible for the protection of 33 different fish species, and 1,000 kilometers of coastline, in Cork and Kerry, received complaints from members of the public, anglers and from fishery officials.A quarter of the complaints related to damage caused to waterways by drainage and gravel removal. 22% of complaints arose from agricultural practices – including seepage from both slurry and silage. 10% of the complaints received pertained to local authority sewage outfalls. In 6% of cases, industrial discharge gave rise to complaints. There were a number of complaints made, which the fisheries board have categorised as ‘miscellaneous’ – among these are unsubstantiated reports of illegal dumping and odor pollution.Out of the 194 complaints received, 7 prosecutions were inititiated. 2 of the cases have been heard, while the remaining 5 have yet to come to court. 2 of the cases relate to agricultural discharge, 2 to instream works, and 3 relate to local authority sewage discharges.