Rathmore man has sentence extended for threatening to burn down prison officer’s home

A Rathmore man serving a sentence for burglary has received another two years for threatening to burn a prison officer’s house down.
36-year-old James Cronin told the prison officer that he knew where she lived and would burn her house down, when she wouldn’t serve him tobacco at Arbour Hill Prison tuck shop.
Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard that prisoners are allocated specific dates and times to avail of the tuck shop, and that Cronin had lied about not being able to attend on his designated slot a day later.
Garda Redmond O’Leary said though the prison officer had experienced threats during her 17 years on the job, this was the first occasion where she felt the need to report the incident.
Mr Cronin pleaded guilty to threatening to damage the prison officer’s home on October 16, 2015 at Arbour Hill Prison, Dublin 7.
His 12 previous convictions include eight years for false imprisonment and rape in an offence dating from October 2004.