10% of Kerry residential properties are vacant

One in ten residential properties in Kerry are vacant.
That’s according to GeoDirectory’s Geo View Residential Buildings Report.

These statistics for 2017 show that 83% of residential properties in Kerry are occupied, 7% are holiday homes and 10% are vacant, which is double the national average vacancy rate.

Just over 3% of Kerry’s housing stock is apartments.
The Kerry housing turnover rate was 1.97%, lower than the national average of 2.5%
Geo Directory says there were 1,442 residential property sales in the county during 2017; 8% of those were new dwellings.
The average property price in Kerry last year was €156,241, Killarney had the highest average price in the county at €202,477.
The national average for 2017 was €262,061.
585 new addresses in Kerry were added in 2017.
From October 2016 to the same month last year work began on 312 new residential properties.
At the end of December there were 163 residential buildings under construction.