Witnesses recall horrific fatal crash in Tralee inquest

Witnesses have told of their shock following a road traffic accident on the Tralee to Abbeydorney road which claimed the life of a motorcyclist last year. coroners court They were giving evidence at the inquest of 53 year old Werner Buckmann of 5 Carrig Gael, Abbeydorney who died following the collision on April 18th last year. Adrian Trant was at home in Listellick when he heard a thud outside around 9.30pm. A red car was stopped on the road and a man was standing nearby with his arms around a woman; they were both shaking. He then saw a motorbike on the ground and the body of Mr Buckmann, which had been decapitated. Patrick Hurley was driving with his wife from Abbeydorney to Tralee when he said the motorcyclist made a sudden move into his side of the road. He was 100 per cent sure there was nothing he could do and he thought they were going to die. “This is horrendous”, he said, “I see danger everywhere now” and he keeps seeing the headless torso. Other witnesses told of the excessive speed being done by the motorcycle and of hearing loud reeving of the engine before the crash. Garda PSV Officer James O’Brien who examines scenes of collisions said the Kawasaki 1200 cc motorcycle had attempted to overtake three cars, after he had passed two he saw an oncoming car approaching. He broke hard and attempted to slot in behind the third car but instead hit the rear bumper. This resulted in him losing control of the motorbike and going onto the wrong side of the road where he collided with the oncoming car. Assistant State Pathologist Dr Margot Bolster Mr Buckmann’s death was immediate and was due to poly trauma due to complete laceration of the brain stem. Coroner Helen Lucey offered her sympathies following the horrific accident which she said was traumatic for all involved including the witnesses. Consultation is ongoing between the National Roads Authority, Kerry County Council and Gardai with a view to making the area a Go Safe Area.