Trial of man accused of murdering Irish UN peacekeepers adjourned

The trial of a man alleged to have murdered two Irish UN peacekeepers and for also allegedly attempting to  murder a peacekeeper from Kerry has been adjourned. UN flag United Nations The trial  of Mahmoud Bazzi by military tribunal opened in Lebanon yesterday. On April 18th 1980, Private Thomas Barrett and Private Derek Smallhorne were murdered and Private John O’Mahony from Scartaglin was seriously injured in an incident in Lebanon. The United Nations peacekeepers were separated from their convoy and disarmed. The alleged perpetrator was Mahmoud Bazzi who was deported from the US and returned to his native Lebanon last January. His trial began on June 26th but was adjourned to yesterday. Former Private John O’Mahony gave evidence at Mr Bazzi’s trial yesterday which was then adjourned until the next hearing scheduled for April 20th next. Defence Minister Simon Coveney said he’d hoped the case would be concluded yesterday but is satisfied it’s being dealt with in a very thorough manner by authorities in Lebanon. The minister singled out Mr O’Mahony for his courage and dignity in providing evidence to the tribunal.