Tests continue to date remains found under Milltown portal tomb

Investigations are continuing following the discovery of cremated remains in mid-Kerry which are believed to date back 6,000 years. Dolmen Milltown Last month, a team of archaeologists unearthed the bones and other items beneath a portal tomb near Milltown. Video footage of the excavations has now been published on the County Museum website. The dolmen or portal tomb at Killaclohane, Milltown is the oldest such structure still intact anywhere in Kerry. The tomb, on a site between Milltown and Castlemaine, dates from around 3,800 BC and had never been excavated before. A team of archaeologists undertook conservation works during which the cremated remains of at least two people were discovered along with a number of arrowheads, scrapers, neolithic pottery and a flint javelin head. The discovery suggests that one of the earliest settlements in the county was in the Milltown area when people began to farm and develop ties to the land. The precise dating of those objects is currently being investigated by experts with results expected over the coming months. Footage of the excavations at the site at Killaclohane is now available on the County Museum website, www.kerrymuseum.ie