South Kerry man pleads guilty to rape of 74 year old woman

*******Readers should be advised of distressing nature of content*******                 A Kerry man who twice raped a 74-year-old woman after breaking into her home, left “the victim sobbing uncontrollably like a small child, broken, terrorised and waiting for death”. 24 year old Anthony Hussey of Ardshillane, Sneem pleaded guilty at the Central Criminal Court to rape and anal rape at the woman’s home on September 20th, 2014. Mr Justice Patrick McCarthy remanded Mr. Hussey in custody until June 7th for sentencing. He had been on bail, living with his sister in Kenmare pending sentence. Anthony Hussey was wearing a balaclava as well as dark clothing when the woman found him in her bedroom. He told the woman there were three more men outside and after raping her, said: “You enjoyed that didn’t you?” Sergeant Michael Quirke said that Mr Hussey had been at the woman’s house earlier that morning. She had woken to loud knocking and banging. He claimed he’d gone there by mistake having been drinking heavily through the night and went home. He then returned, broke into her house and raped her. Anthony Hussey had never come to Garda attention before or since. He later told friends he’d gone to the woman’s house wearing a balaclava but said it was “only a break-in” and claimed he hadn’t raped her. By DubhEire (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia CommonsHis DNA was found on a fleece the woman had been wearing. In her victim impact statement, the woman said: “How can he behave with such brutality? A woman three times his age. He could be my grandson.” She said it was more than a year-and-a-half since the rape and she felt “ashamed, naked, raw and so old, disgusted, betrayed and humiliated. She spoke of a hill near her home that she used to walk up but could no longer do so without company. Michael Bowman senior counsel, defending, handed in testimonials confirming that Anthony Hussey and his family were well thought of in the community. He said a report from a forensic psychologist said Mr Hussey did not have common characteristics that’d be found in the personality profiles of sexual predators and concluded that he did not present a future danger to others. Counsel handed in a letter of apology from Hussey as well as a letter from his parents who said the victim would “always be in their prayers.” If you’ve been affected by the issues raised in this news report, you can contact the Kerry Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre at 1800 633 333.