Slight delay in transfer of Tralee Credit Union members’ wages and social welfare payments

Tralee Credit Union says there was a slight delay in the transfer of wages and social welfare payments into members’ accounts this morning.

It says it’s looking into why there was the delay in processing the electronic fund transfer file which transfers payments.

The credit union has notified the service provider.

Suzanne Ennis of Tralee Credit Union says officially, payments do not go into members’ accounts until 9.30am on a particular pay day.

Therefore, she says people going into the credit union, when it opens at 9.30am, would have experienced a 10 minute delay in accessing their payments.

However, the delay had more impact on people with ATM cards who may have tried to withdraw money prior to half past 9.

This is because they’d normally expect their wages or social welfare payments to have been transferred into their accounts by 7.30am.