Scartaglen man avoids jail sentence for assault at Killarney nightclub

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Photo: Pixabay

A 32-year-old man who assaulted another at a Killarney nightclub causing him harm has been given a two-year suspended sentence.

John Thompson of Gortglass, Scartaglen, admitted the offence at the Crypt nightclub on College Street on July 13th, 2014.

He was directed by the court to pay €2,500 compensation to his victim.

The victim was dancing with his girlfriend at the Killarney nightclub when he accidentally bumped into the accused and apologized.

He was punched in the face and knocked to the ground where the accused continued to hit him.

He sustained facial cuts, dental damage and required eight stitches.

The court heard the unprovoked attack also had a psychological impact on the victim.

He was frightened by the level of violence used and reluctant to go to nightclubs.

Judge Tom O’Donnell said this type of gratuitous violence was not acceptable in civil society.

Taking note of mitigating circumstances, including the accused’s early guilty plea and his remorse, Judge O’Donnell said the appropriate tariff was two years but he was prepared to suspend this for two years if he remained bound to the peace.

He directed he pay compensation without prejudice to any civil action the victim may wish to pursue.