Report shows private jet could have crashed into Slieve Mish Mountains

Kerry AirportA private jet could have crashed into the Slieve Mish Mountains after departing Kerry Airport due to confusion surrounding flying altitude levels. However, a report by the Air Accident Investigation Unit into the incident, which it classed as serious, found the crew did not seek clarification from Air Traffic Control. The jet departed from Kerry Airport on June 16th 2015 with two crew and three passengers on board; it was enroute to Newfoundland, Canada. The 32 year old pilot, who had 4,000 hours of flying experience, told the investigator that as they began to climb there was some confusion as to what the altitude clearance limit was and they leveled at two thousand feet. After three enquiries via radio by Shannon Low Level Control it became apparent the plane was flying too low to clear the Slieve Mish Mountains and the pilot increased the altitude. The flight proceeded without incident. Since the incident new departure procedures have been devised by Kerry Airport air traffic control for non-standard aircraft. Following an incident in 2009 the AAIU said Kerry Airport and the Irish Aviation Authority should review the provision of radar information and install an air traffic monitor. This monitor was not in place in 2015 but was not a factor in this incident according to the report. The Irish Aviation Authority said the monitoring systems have been operating for the last two months.