Report finds ‘immediate high risk’ and deficiencies at Kerry General

A new report on facilities at Kerry General Hospital has identified a number of ‘high risks’ for patients. Kerry General Hospital A Health Information and Quality Authority inspection in July found a number of deficiencies in the operating theatre complex and oncology department. The report acknowledges however that improvements have occurred at the hospital since the inspection took place. And the authority also accepts that significant funding will be required for infrastructural improvements at the hospital. The unannounced inspection by HIQA took place on 8th July and a number of high risks were identified. The report says the operating theatre complex is dilapidated and significantly damaged which is unacceptable in a clinical environment like a theatre. Kerry General doesn’t have appropriate mechanisms to assure those deficiencies don’t impact adversely on patients, particularly in the area of infection control. HIQA also says the infrastructure of the oncology unit was not optimal in terms of infection prevention and control. Such was the seriousness of the issues indentified during the initial inspection, a re-inspection was carried out on 20th August. There were significant improvements carried out in the oncology unit between the two inspections. HIQA acknowledges that progress has been made on a number of other issues and that funding of almost €10m would be required for necessary infrastructural works at the hospital.