Protest involving up to 40 buses to take place in Castleisland this morning

A protest involving up to 40 buses will take place in Castleisland this morning. Bus Private bus operators are claiming that a State subsidised company has an unfair advantage when it comes to submitting tenders to operate school transport services. Kerry Flyer, a Castleisland-based not-for-profit, social enterprise company, has successfully tendered for a number of school bus services. The protest is due to start at 10.30am with buses making their way through the main street of Castleisland. It’s expected to finish by around 11. Tom Collins is a private bus operator: [audio_player src=””] Kerry Flyer says it’s a licensed bus operator as are the private bus companies. It says its commercial work subsidises its community activities – such as the rural transport programme – not the other way round. Kerry Flyer says the assertion that it won contracts through state subsidies is not correct. It says fewer than 4 per cent of the passenger trips it provided last year related to services for school children.