Over 26,000 people in Kerry face a ‘Cold Christmas’

An estimated 26,500 people in Kerry are suffering from fuel deprivation according to trade union Unite. Unite Trade Union The union is today issuing a report highlighting the prevalence of fuel deprivation on a county-by-county basis. Entitled ‘A Cold Christmas’, the document uses the most recent (2014) figures for the EU-SILC heat affordability indicator. The data shows that over 700,000 people were unable to afford heating at some point during the year,  and adjusts them for county-level income figures to arrive at a county-by-county estimate. Unite Regional Secretary Jimmy Kelly said, “As we head into Christmas, an estimated 26,500 people in Kerry are afraid to heat their homes sufficiently because they won’t be able to afford their fuel bill in January”. The union is proposing a package of short and medium-term measures to address fuel deprivation.