« BackWind turbines caused eagle deaths in Kerry and Cork according to NPWS

An Adult White-tailed Eagle hunting for fish for her young chicks Photo:Valerie O'Sullivan/NO REPRO ***FREE PIC***The National Parks and Wildlife Service has revealed that at least three white-tailed sea eagles in the Kerry/Cork area have been killed by wind turbines.

The white-tailed sea eagle programme which is based in the Killarney National Park has had more than €1.5 million invested in it and the NPWS says the bird is particularly susceptible to collision with wind turbines.

According to the Irish Times in a report by the parks service to An Bord Pleanala, it urges that planning for a major upland wind farm by ESB Wind Development Ltd. be turned down.

The application by ESB Wind Development Ltd. for the 38-turbine farm 17km north East of Kenmare has been granted permission for 25 years.

The ESB while accepting eagles were sensitive to wind farms say they found they rarely frequented the area.