« BackWarning to beachgoers as dangerous jellyfish washes up in Ballybunion

Anyone planning on heading to one of Kerry’s beaches this weekend for a swim or a paddle, is advised to keep an eye out for a potentially dangerous jellyfish.


The warning comes, after lifeguards in Ballybunion detected a deadly Portuguese man o’war jellyfish yesterday.


portugese man o war jellyfish


A sting from one of these creatures can be extremely painful, and in some cases, can cause anaphylactic shock.


The beaches in Ballybunion will remain open to the public, but visitors are advised to be on the look-out for these jellyfish, which are a blueish-purple in colour.


Louise Overy from Ocean World in Dingle, says most jellyfish which come ashore in Kerry, are harmless.


But she says, all species are best avoided: