« BackVolunteers for refugee charity find €14,000 in donated coat in Ballybunion

Volunteers in Ballybunion are being praised for their honesty this week, after they returned a large sum of money, accidently donated to a collection for Syrian refugees.
The volunteers were going through bags of donated clothes at Ballybunion Community Centre, when they came upon €14,000 in cash, in a coat pocket.

A local Garda was alerted, and she managed to re-unite the cash with its rightful owner.

It emerged that the coat had been accidentally placed in a bag of donated clothes, and the owner was not aware that the cash was missing.

The people of Ballybunion and surrounding areas have to date filled five large vans with clothes and other essential items, which will be transported to refugee camps in Calais by the groups ‘Help for Humans Kerry’ and ‘Kerry to Calais’.