« BackUHK warns non-urgent patients may experience delays

hospital trolleyUniversity Hospital Kerry says that non-urgent patients may experience significant delays as a result of increased activity.

Management at UHK is asking that, where appropriate, in non-urgent cases, the public contact their GP first and explore other options before going to the emergency department.

The hospital says every effort is being made to address the situation and that patient care is paramount.
A spokesperson for the HSE didn’t give a reason for the increased activity at University Hospital Kerry.

However, she says the situation’s being managed as a priority and is being reviewed on an ongoing basis.

The hospital’s warning that non-urgent patients may experience delays as a result.

There were 12 patients on trolleys at the hospital today, according to the Irish Nurses’ and Midwives’ Organisation.

Yesterday, there were 18, one of the highest numbers ever recorded at UHK.

Regarding yesterday’s figures, the HSE said that 16 of these patients were medical and two were surgical and that the majority would have been discharged by the afternoon.

Nationally, there were 396 patients on trolleys today.