« BackTwo men to be cautioned for row in Tralee town centre

Two men who were involved in a public row in Tralee town centre yesterday are to be cautioned for their behaviour.

The argument between the men in their twenties broke out in Castle Street yesterday morning and they continued their disagreement on Ashe Street.

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The two men who are from Nigeria and Afghanistan were arrested for threatening and abusive behaviour in a public place.

The fight, believed to be about money, started in Castle Street at 11.15am yesterday and lasted some ten minutes, where the row was concluded on Ashe Street.

Gardaí said this was the first time, both men, who know each, had come to their attention.

They say because of this as well as the fact that no one else had been drawn into their fight and no property had been damaged, they’re to issue them with a caution – this is dependent, however, on good behaviour.

Neither man was injured and the row involved some pushing,shouting and shoving.