« BackThree Kerry businesses settle with Revenue for over half a million euro

RevenueThree Kerry businesses have made settlements with Revenue for over half a million euro.

That’s according to the latest list of tax defaulters, published today by the Revenue Commissioners.

One hundred individuals and businesses from across the country made settlements totalling almost €25 million in the first three months of the year.
The highest settlement in the country was made by company director Michael Murphy of Highfield Road, Rathgar in Dublin, who paid €7 million to the Revenue Commissioners in tax, interest, and penalties.

In Kerry, two companies and one businessman settled with Revenue for a total of €510,000.

The largest amount was by Diadan Trading Limited, clothing retailers of 2 Russell Street, Tralee; they paid €431,000 for underdeclaration of Corporation Tax, PAYE/PRSI, and VAT in a Revenue Audit Case.

Harry Hynes, a casino operator of 214 Shanakill, Monavalley, Tralee, settled for over €45,000 for underdeclaration of VAT in a Revenue Audit Case.

Killarney Validation Consulting Limited, an engineering firm of Englewood, Ardaneanig, Killarney made a settlement of almost €33,000 for underdeclaration of PAYE/PRSI in a Revenue Audit Case.