« BackThe population of Kerry has increased by 2,052 people over the past five years

census.ie_2016_cmykThe population of Kerry has increased by 2,052 people over the past five years.

This represents an increase of 1.4%, bringing the county’s population to over 147,500.


The preliminary findings of Census 2016 show the population of the county increased by 2,052 over the past five years to 147,554.

The 1.4% increase consists of 410 males and 1,642 females.

The natural increase in population, which is the number of births minus the number of deaths, reveal an increase of 3,152 people. The breakdown of this figure shows an even spread between the sexes.

Figures for net migration show the outward movement of 1,110 people since the 2011 census, with over 99% being males.

Meanwhile, the number of people per TD in Kerry is below the national average at 29,511, compared with over 30,110 being the national mean.

Nationally, the population rose 0.7% to just over 4.757 million, which represents an increase of 169,700.


Nationally, there’s 170-thousand more people living in Ireland than this time 5 years ago.
That’s according to census figures which also show there’s almost 200-thousand empty homes around the country.

The figures released this morning show a 3.7 per cent population increase.
Deirdre Cullen from the CSO says Dublin saw the biggest increase while just three counties saw population decreases.
Net migration figures show that almost 30,000 people left the country over the past five years through emigration.
The ratio of people to TDs has also risen above the legal limit of 30,000, which statistician Brendan Murphy says means we need more politicians.
The census shows there’s almost 200-thousand vacant homes when holiday homes are taken into account.
It’s led the Simon Community and the Peter McVerry Trust to call for action to use that housing stock to alleviate the homelessness crisis.