« BackTaoiseach says we must take breathing space after Britain voted to leave the EU

Enda Kenny2The Taoiseach says we must now take a breathing space and use it wisely after Britain voted to leave the E.U.
The Government has published a contingency plan – which includes aiming to attract financial and other firms looking to leave the UK and stay in Europe.
David Cameron’s decision to resign as British Prime Minister will result in a delay of a number of months before the U.K. begins talks on leaving the E.U.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage with the news of Brexit winning the day.
Just hours later David Cameron was standing down as British Prime Minister.
Here an emergency Cabinet meeting was held and the Taoiseach said he was very sorry that the UK had voted for a Brexit.
Enda Kenny clearly stated Ireland’s place in Europe and said he’d work with the UK for a new relationship.
That breathing space is at least three months before Britain triggers talks on leaving and the leaving will take at least two years.
He published our contingency plans, saying we were prepared for this – those plans include seeking out financial and other firms looking for an E.U. Headquarters.
Sinn Féin says there should be a border poll on the re-unification of Ireland – deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald.
The Dáil will be recalled on Monday to discuss the Brexit and the issue will top an EU summit in Brussels next week.