« BackTaoiseach says he can’t stop border checks returning if there’s a Brexit

The Taoiseach’s warned that border controls with Northern Ireland are likely if the UK votes to leave the EU.
Enda Kenny2Enda Kenny will travel to Liverpool and Manchester at the end of next week, and even share a stage with the British Prime Minister on Friday, before travelling on to Scotland for a British Irish Council meeting.
The Taoiseach’s insisting he’s not going over to lecture people on how to vote, but unashamedly proposing that Britain remains and that Irish people in the UK have a voice in the matter.
He says the vote is clearly a matter for concern and too close to call at this stage.
And he warned that customs and border checks with Northern Ireland were inevitable.r Kenny’s comments confirm that contingency planning, including revenue looking at options for customs and border checks, have been underway for some time.