« BackSydney Rose says festival risks being on ‘the wrong side of history’

RoseofTraleeThe Sydney Rose has said Roses should be able to express their political views otherwise the Rose of Tralee festival risks being on the “wrong side of history”.

In an article in the Irish Times Brianna Parkins said she was proud of herself for raising the issue of the eight amendment of the Constitution during her live TV interview.

The Rose of Tralee has said that Roses have never been stopped from expressing opinions.

Ms Parkins also echoed concerns expressed by the Down Rose Fainche McCormack about the fly-on-the-wall documentary on the festival ‘Road to the Dome’, saying it was more like reality TV than a documentary.

Ms McCormack said that she and the other roses did not sign up for a cheap reality television show in which she claims their emotions would be manipulated for entertainment purposes.

A joint statement from RTE and the Rose of Tralee to Radio Kerry News says the 65 Roses were aware from the outset that they were being filmed at all stages in the run up to the live television shows.

The statement says they regret that the Down Rose was upset at elements of the filming process for the documentary and RTÉ and the Rose of Tralee Festival have agreed to review the process for next year.