« BackSenator believes talk of Gardaí on the take in Killarney to be untrue

The allegations of police corruption in Killarney have been raised at the Joint Policing Committee meeting in Tralee.

Fine Gael Senator Paul Coghlan said he believes talk of ‘Gardaí on the take’ in Killarney not to be true.

Senator Paul Coghlan

Senator Coghlan called for the story to be killed off, describing it as an untrue yarn.

Yesterday saw Kerry’s new Chief Superintendent Con Cadogan attend his first meeting of the Joint Policing Committee.

Chief Superintendent Con Cadogan

He told the meeting that an internal inquiry is underway.

It’s understood that a serving garda has alleged that a businessman in Killarney has offered gifts, which could be viewed as bribes, to local gardaí.

Chief Superintendent Cadogan said thankfully the investigation doesn’t indicate what they were thinking.

He declined to comment out of context any further, other than to say that it is being dealt with.

It’s understood that between 50 and 60 gardaí in Killarney garda station are being interviewed.

The probe will also examine the alleged improper behaviour by the businessman who it’s claimed made approaches to gardaí.