« BackSean Fitzpatrick’s application to have his trial prevented will be heard next Friday

Sean Fitzpatrick’s application to have his trial prevented will be heard next Friday.
The former Anglo chairman is seeking to overturn the decision by Judge Martin Nolan a fortnight ago not to postpone his trial due to negative publicity.

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Lawyers for Sean Fitzpatrick are attempting to have his forthcoming trial stopped and have applied for judicial review to a decision made by another judge on August 6th.
The former Anglo chairman is denying 27 charges including making misleading, false or deceptive statements and furnishing false information between 2002 and 2007.
Two weeks ago, Judge Martin Nolan ruled that Mr Fitzpatrick’s trial could go ahead, despite an application by his lawyers that the trial be postponed due to adverse publicity surrounding the trial of three former Anglo officials.
Judge Nolan said he believed the 66 year old could get a fair trial, saying that he’d been the subject of criticism since 2008 and not just because of the publicity around the more recent trial.
In the High Court this morning, Judge John Hedigan said the application for judicial review could be heard next Friday.
Paul O’ Higgins  for the DPP said he was concerned that nothing should be reported from the substance of Mr Fitzpatrick’s application, in the absence of the jury.
He said the DPP would be making an application for reporting restrictions to avoid the re-reporting of the matters in question.
Bernard Condon for Mr Fitzpatrick said his client had already suffered a deluge of bad publicity and acknowledged that the court could not control Twitter.
Mr Justice Hedigan told parties to have their submissions ready by Tuesday, and adjourned the case until  August 28th.