« BackPlans on how many refugees each EU country should take to be outlined

Plans to bring in quotas of refugees that EU countries have to resettle will be set out by the head of the European Commission this morning.
The flag of the European Union
Places like Greece and Hungary – who are already struggling – are exempt and the UK has opted out. Here, the issue’s expected to be discussed by cabinet this morning, and a special meeting is being planned for ministers tomorrow. Germany’s one of the countries pushing its neighbours to do more and is itself expected to accept as many as a million people this year. Jean Claude Juncker is setting out his proposals for EU states’ intake of refugees. He’s making his first speech in the European Parliament as EC President. Speaking a short time ago Juncker criticised member states for arguing amongst themselves instead of acting to alleviate the crisis. He said we should remember that there are more O’Neills and Murphys living in the US than in Ireland.