« BackNo date set for new Tarbert power plant

Five years after getting planning permission, no date’s been set to construct a gas turbine power plant in Tarbert.
SSE Ireland
SSE, the company which owns Tarbert Power Station, has a development option to build a combined cycle gas turbine power plant in the area.
It acquired this option from the previous owners of Tarbert Power Station, the Spanish utility Endesa, which got planning permission for the project five years ago.
Three years ago, the energy company SSE bought Tarbert Power Station from Endesa and also acquired the option from the Spanish firm to develop a  450 megawatt combined cycle gas turbine power plant on the site of the former ESB station in Tarbert. SSE proceeded with plans to build a similar gas turbine power plant at Great Island in County Wexford which was officially opened last June.
However, it says plans for a similar development in Tarbert will be subject to market developments including the growth of SSE’s retail energy supply business, what it calls the future redesign of the electricity market, a ‘suitable’ regulatory framework and overall economic conditions.
Under Endesa’s original plan, the new power plant would have been built within the confines of the existing plant at Tarbert which would have been demolished.